Monday, February 7, 2011

ACK!!!!! It's an accident!!!!!

Dear Polishers,

It's my unlucky day...

I was at the gym. I've just done a good polish a few days ago and that day, I don't know why, It's the first time I run at the bathroom when suddenly I trip! It was hurt so bad... and when I said it hurts, I don't lie...

At first... I just feel something burning in my toes. I don't know... I just thought that maybe it's the effect of hitting the ceramic step floor too hard. (It scared me if I had another sprained thumb) But after a few minute, I began to get suspicious because the "after burn feel" didn't vanished. So... I'm checking it again and found something scary.

My nail was separating from it skin and flapped up to me.... GOD!!!!

I'm walking and I realize there's blood dripping from it and I scares me if something happen because I can't see what's really happen thanks to the polish that cover the nail surface... T.T

Luckily, my sister has an experience on giving first aid treatment. So she treated me and my thumb right away.

You guys should see what it looks like!

Until I'm healing, Happy Polishing!


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