Thursday, February 24, 2011

Party, Disco, and Blings

Dear polishers,

I've been rockin in the G6! LOL... no, I'm just kiddin!

I'm not much of a party person, although I have one little obsession connected to partying. If you're a good friend of mine, you'll know how much I love glitters... I don't know if it's because of fairy, or glass slippers, or treasures! I just love something that sparks! So, when I see this manicure from NEGLELAKKMANI I was like... GOD I GOT TO DO THIS SOMEDAY! SOON!!

I even desperately enough to find that square thingy, which of course I couldn't find it. (You'll never find things when you need it, but when you didn't need it, it'll pop out of nowhere!)

So in my urgeness, I tempted to do this manicure...

Hate it... so... I wipe it and do another manicure!

I called this Miracle Up

I use Gionyx Pink.

I love the formula. I love the brushes. I love the bottle. I even love the exclusive packaging that come with this little black book which brags about their new technology brush (Though I admit I love their brushes so much!)

But... the color, yes the color... (When I bought this one, I was thinking about getting a starfish patrick. I'm looking for a dupe for that one and Boy I get dissapointed for not following my heart. *Sobs*) I'm not a fan of that after making it, I wipe it right away, again. T.T So much for bad nail manicure day!

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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