Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lavender is the new Pink!

Dear Polishers,

Just when I write about lavender... i found out that Lavender was in the color trend of 2011!! Some blame GAGA for her lavender look with the bow... (let me refresh your mind)

Turns out Lavender is more contagious than ever!!

and the celebrities!!

Here's an inspiriation for lavender do!

So... are you catching up the lavender fever?!?!

Until then, Happy Polishing!


Monday, May 23, 2011

This is what happen when Katy Perry meet Justin Bieber

Dear polishers,

Basically, we all love Katy Perry and her love to nail polish. Not to mention her catchy songs and the fact that she makes a polish with her song title as it names... While young Bieber has been a phenomenal person over this year. Makes me wonder if they should do a duet in the stage... Which, bring me into this collaboration of easy manicure!

This is a plain one...

My teenage dream is to get Bieber Fever!! LOL (The name was an instance click!)

But what makes me go CRAZY was the combination of Last Friday Night I got Bieber Fever!! I layered Bieber Fever with that blue jelly Last Friday It's just plain crazy!!!!! UH-MAZ-ING!! UH-MAZ-ING!! UH-MAZ-ING!! UH-MAZ-ING!! UH-MAZ-ING!! (I could say it over and over and over again!! Seriously!!)

I hate for the fact that my pictures didn't show any magic in the collaboration but Seriously... I won't lie. These two look awesome together... It's like the combination of Orly Galaxy Girl with Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe. Get it?? It's like jelly purple with a hint of green blueish glitter!!!! It's very magical and it's just.... speechless!!! Makes me love my Bieber even more!!!

You really should try this!! This is probably my best mixed up so far!!!!! AWESOMENESS!!!!

Until then, Happy Polishing!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Khloe Kardashian and Lavender Nail Polish

Dear Polishers,

Rite now, I'm a bit obsessed watching the Kardashians reality show and yes, I've always been a fan of Khloe but not until I knew she's a fan of purple and saw her and her cute fingers with lavender polish that covered her nails.

So basically, I watch the episode when she got married and when she's walking around with her lavender nail!!

It was perfect for her skin tone and I definitely adore the look on her nails!

So... i start digging on the internet and looking for that gorgeous lavender polish and when I found it, I'm in total shocked!!


Because It's none other than OPI's Rumpleswiggin from the Shrek forever after collection!!

They come with great colors and thank God I don't find any red hues on it!

There's this good news and bad news. The good news is... I do have that mini pack Shrek which include the mini lavender wigglin! The bad news is... that cute lavender wiggin's bottle was broken long before I saw Khloe's nails!!

I'm literary crying if I remember my wigglin!!!!

So rite now, I gotta buy a new wigglin for my self and wait for some weeks to get my lavender nails done.... Ugh... that's a torture to me!

Until then, Happy Polishing!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

TREND ALERT!! Multi Color Nails!!

Dear Polishers,

It's summer and everybody is having a colorful life, okay.... maybe just a colorful nails! From fashion runaway to celebrities, Reality Star to Rockstar, everybody in Tinseltown is wearing multicolor nails! From one color statement to gradation/rainbow nails

Check out who's you favorite celebrities who's getting the color fever!!

Miss Hudgens "SECRETLY" telling she's in a relationship with her ring finger... cough(joshhutcherson)cough! We love it better that the purity ring (not that I have anything against it), and why she always get the cool guys?!

Laguna Beach sweetheart, Lauren Conrad does two tones colors! Red and blue with glitter topcoat scream "PARTY IN THE USA"

Rihanna, the good girl gone bad make a bold statement with her standing out black middle finger. Is she telling Chris Brown to f*ck off... who knows!

Last but not least.... the dirtiest. bitchiest, loveliest cast of our pretty little liars! I see people love to put another color in their ring fingers... it's funny and we're making statement(although i'm not sure what statement it is) by putting one standout color...

I did it on Oscar Night and would love to do it again since there's too many good color to wear in 10 nails!

Until then, Happy Polishing!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spongebob as Nail Polish.... AWESOME!!

Dear polishers,

Today probably the most exciting day for me. After a long boring work... it's nice to get a little surprise about my package from dearest TRIBECA!!

I was so excited that I didn't change my clothes and start grabbing scissors to cut the package!

This is what I get inside....

There's a lil bit of regretment that I tore the plastic bag. God If I knew you're there... I probably be gentle to you, dear paper bag.

Move along... so I unwrapped the paper bag each layer and I feel like opening a christmas present! There is just so many wrappers inside a wrapper, and inside of a wrapper.

And there's a time where my heart go... SH*T!!!! They didn't give me the RBL boxes?!?!?!
How could they change it into they're own box!!!!!!!

And turned out I was wrong!

Here they are... peeking from the thin wrapping paper...

At last, after a year of searching and drooling, I really got the chance to buy one of the most wanted polish in the whole world!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, May I present to you...... *drumroll*

Rescue Beauty Lounge!!!!!

Squarepants was the first one I open.

Then after enjoying looking at my RBL, I move on to Butter London Come to Bed, Red!

And yes my heart stopped for a second when I dropped it on the floor!!!! I'M SORRY RED!!

Anyway, I try my RBL set rite away and I understand completely why people love RBL!!!!! I know why they say it applies like butter because it really does! Not to mention it's very glossy!! I don't need topcoat to make it look good!! (although I supposed to use it) I'm total in love with my RBL rite now...

I'm in heaven.... Let me enjoy my moment while you guys drooling... wait, you don't have to, because you can buy all of these in TriBeCa!!

Seriously, go there and be mad! Buy things! So many promos for polishaholic like us!! Go Go Go!! Buy something!!!

Until then, Happy Polishing!


*Quick Update!!*
I woke up the day after and this is what I found!!!

You see the fabric mark on the polished nails!!! I should put on some topcoat on it!!! I regret it!! (FYI: I wait for 3 hours to go to sleep and it still hasn't dried completly.... even for some days!! Dry time's a bitch!!)

Stick on Nail... a pain in the *ss!

Dear polisher,

Remember when you're excited about something but then when you get it or try it, you're excitement turn into some dissapointment and it grew bigger because it really disappoint you?!

Well, that's what happen to me when I try this thing called "stick on stickers"!

Since I'm not in a good mood, I'm not gonna say much thing (I will only say what's on my mind back then) and will only give you picture of what happen! and this is what happen to that stupid stickers!!

This is the voice in my head... talking!

1. Yay, I buy it! So excited!! Can't wait to try this on!!! Yay yay yay!!

2. Wow!!! Easy to remove!! I smell fish!!

3.I wonder if this worked?!

4. Let see if this is work! *press*

5. *Press* *press* What the... *press and press again* F*ck!!!!

So that's it! My annoying experience of nail stickers! Waste my money for nothing!!

Until then, Happy Polishing!