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Monday, June 13, 2011

Royalty in Vegas: When The Tudors, Gaga, Nude and Vegas Collide!

Dear Polishers,

So a brief introduction, there's this show called the Tudors, which I extremely like (because of Jonathan Rhyes Myers and Henry Cavill) back then.

And If you know me well, I love collectiong merchandise and limited edition stuff. It was quite a time when one day, I'm checking Ji Baek's web and found out that she has made a collection based on The Tudors family!
Clockwise: They are Catherine A, Catherine H, Jane, and Anne

I was like HOLY CRAP! I must have one of these polishes and thanks to TRIBECA, they've made my dream come true by letting me order some of the polish for me. (Too bad due to lack of money, I couldn't buy Catherin A for completing the collection.)

Although, I'm a bit annoyed for the fact there's 2 similar name for the polish, I personally prefer she use their last name instead of their name. Aragon, Boleyn, Seymour, and Howard... although they don't sound feminine at all) but beside that I think JiBaek did a great job for choosing the right color which characterized the polish. I think the color is very suprising but when you see it, it fits well with the character.

Anyway, I give you some cool swatches by miss Temptalia and the characters of Henry's Wives!

First is Catherine Aragon
The first wife of Henry... I couldn't find any picture of her with Henry, so... she still stand there alone. Poor Catherine. For the color, JiBaek choose nurturing, motherly, noble yet strong color.

Second is Anne Boleyn
The seductress 2nd wife of Henry, first I though her color would be a hot tone like maroon, brownish, wine, and I'm a bit surprised to see JiBaek choose this dark green olive color. But then again I can relate how this wild dark polish seduce you slowly but sure and I guess JiBaek try to interpret her fierceness.

The third one is Jane Seymour
Rescue Beauty Lounge TudorsRescue Beauty Lounge Tudors
Rumour said that She's the one that Henry trully love because she gave him a son. (Which is a ridiculous idea nowadays) and she's the opposite of Anne. She's very feminine and sweet, mild I can say. Very calm color like her character.

And the last one is Catherine Howard
Rescue Beauty Lounge TudorsRescue Beauty Lounge Tudors
The last and youngest of all... I think JiBaek tries to make her color look edgy and popular at the same time. The denim color makes sense... I feel that these kind of color have a chance to be the it color. I can feel the youthful in it.

So back on topic, After waiting for month, My package had arrived and as usual, I'm so excited with it although I'm in some dilemma because there will be 3 colors that I need to wear and truthfully some of these color didn't really get along well and really... how can u choose for these gorgeous colors?! Luckily... only two of them arrive (Anne was left in Dika's house), which made my job a bit easier for choosing what color to use!

and here they are... the two wives of Henry Tudor

From Left to Right: Catherin H and Jane

At first, I just can't wait trying my RBL Catherine H, It's a very gorgeous! The color look in the bottle! I mean blue with pink purple blue micro glitter, that's just scream "queen bee"! Catherine was definitely my first choice back then. I was about to use it when I stop and start digging to Jane, the other polish and thank God I did because I was astound! (Truthfully, I buy Jane because I need to fulfill some order quota)

I can't believe that I would ignore beautiful Catherin for some nude greyish polish that I would never like! So, I did my manicure rite away while adoring the cream grey!

Still can't believe that I'm in love with this color! (The only disappointment of Jane is that there should be this gold micro glitter in the polish but they're gone as soon as you're applying the polish to your nail). I would say it was a sophisticated color and it goes great with my skin tone! OH ADORE THIS POLISH SO MUCH!!

I realize that this color is almost similar like Deborah Lippmann Waking Up in Vegas.

Can't stand on Cam Whoring in Gaga Pose!

Should I buy the whole collection? I feel a bit guilty for leaving Catherine behind. (It's like she always left behind even when she's alive) I'm thinking and in dilemma...

Until then, Happy Polishing!


Monday, June 6, 2011


Dear polishers!!

As usual, time past by so fast until we realize it's almost half of 2011 year!! So... I would like to talk about the autumn look that could collide together! Let me introduce the revamp style of NUDING YOUR NAILS!!!!

Check this out!!

You can also combine the nude look with the new famous MOON MANICURE!!

I made a great list of what polish that could do the look in ASIAN skin tone and for nude color I only trust this two brands because they could always manage to pull a great color when it comes to neutral. While both brand could give us a very feminine, womanized look, there's this different feel of the two brands.

OPI give us an elegant, classic, conventional look

From Left to Right: OPI Passion, OPI Dulche De Leche, OPI Barefoot in Barcelona, OPI Tickle My France-y (*thanks to Lucysstash, JadeIsabelle, ShoptalkDmagazine, thelacquerlog)

While my favorite brand Essie gives us a sophisticated, bold, independent look!

From Left to Right: Essie Topless and Barefoot, Essie Jazz, Essie Demure Vixen, Essie Eternal Optimist (*thanks to eBlog, lipglossiping, Somdlo, thenailphile,)

You could go Mannequin with the exact color like your skin tone, Go nude with one tone up or down than your skin tone, or.... you can go edgy with the greyish nude color! It's your style, it's your autumn, it's your choice!!

Until then, Happy Polishing!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

What I'm Totally Into, Rite Now!

Dear Polishers,

I know this is out of topic, but lately... I was thinking that am I'm too in love acting and loving kid stuffs. I realize I love acting like a kid. Talking to myself, watching disney cartoon, dancing out of crazy tune.... and I mean goofy dancing, I like to dress funny instead of cool (well, that one's depend on my mood) I even "into" these 3 things that kids probably love!

First of all:
Yo Gabba Gabba....
Seriously if you asked, I've no f*ckin idea... why on earth I would love it. I know that last Halloween Brad Pitt dressed as DJ Lance and that's not why I'm starting to like Gabba Gabba. But I can say that I love the bright color. I always rooting for something with cool bright color combination and that's probably I'm saying I got the Gabba Gabba fever!

I mean... look at those cute logo!! Who can resist that... (I'm also giving you another kids show that I love!)

From Left to Right: Little Bill (My fave part is when Lil'Bill imagining that he's an astrounout, fireman, or circus owner), Wonder Pets (Love when they sing "Lenny, Tuck, and MingMing too!"), Viva Pinata (Seriously, who wouldn't love hitting colorful pinata and get Glittery confetti?!)

so, back to topic, the 2nd thing I'm rooting for now is.....
Silly Bandz!
Oh... look at the color!! The shape!! Rubber band has never been this good before! And there's Yo Gabba Gabba shape, seriously!!! I friggin love these!!!

And the last thing is....
Crocs Jelly Shoes!!!!
I'm complaining for the jibbitz spot... why they put it inside?!?! Why can't they put it on top?!?! Too weird! and The most annoying thing to me is that the fact that the kids version has more fun in it! Come on... Free Jibbitz, Chameleon (Change in sunlight), Glow in The Dark, and cute model? I'm literary crying on the inside!

So... I bet you guys are asking why I'm talking about something that's not nail polish related... Well, the point of me talking about this is that It's in my nature to find something with bright fun color, jelly look, glittery, and glow in the dark. I don't know why... it's because my brain doesn't developed fully as an adult or I just have a peter pan syndrome... who cares! I love being a child, they can do what they want.

What do you think? You have something u like that you think it's embarrassing but then again you think It's not embarrassing and you proud to admit it?! (What am i talking here... well y' know what I mean.)

Until then, Happy Polishing!