Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's My Birthday, Luci Darling Blue Turqoise Swatches

Dear Polishers,

It's my brithday... we're gonna party... It's my birthday... we're gonna party... party in the club~ LOL

It's my 24th birthday.

Beside the fact that I'm still a single jobless fat girl... I'm excited to celebrate my birthday. Why?

Because today, I just do some nail polish shopping spree with my mom!

Since it's my special day and I'm a member of Etude House, They told me that "princess" allows to get a 50% discount for any of their products (except for accessories which makes sense since it's not their product). So, I rush my mom to the nearest mall which is Kelapa Gading and I take her to choose the some colors to buy.

Honestly, Since my mom is the one who pay the polish, I let her to choose colors she like and we're end up buying 4 colors and a top coat. One for me, one for my mom, and I trick my mom into buying another one for my sister... LOL.

I buy an silvery ivory kinda white shimmer, turquoise blue shimmer, peachy pink shimmer, and red glitters (a dupe of ruby pumps from China Glaze)

I decided to do a simple coloring and I choose the blue one! Boy, I'm glad to see the result!

Do you see how it sparkle?! It's just magical! The formula is great! Etude never disappoint me like Faceshop did. The brush is good. Very pigmented! Only 2 coats for this and I just wish I could add more layer and more layer and more layer. To bad my blackberry camera couldn't handle the true color of this polish. What can I say... I don't have money to buy a digicam. Beside I love capturing my nails from my BB camera since it's more practical and easier to move.

Maybe when I get a job, I'll buy a digicam and start to give you great picture. But...

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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