Saturday, May 14, 2011

TREND ALERT!! Multi Color Nails!!

Dear Polishers,

It's summer and everybody is having a colorful life, okay.... maybe just a colorful nails! From fashion runaway to celebrities, Reality Star to Rockstar, everybody in Tinseltown is wearing multicolor nails! From one color statement to gradation/rainbow nails

Check out who's you favorite celebrities who's getting the color fever!!

Miss Hudgens "SECRETLY" telling she's in a relationship with her ring finger... cough(joshhutcherson)cough! We love it better that the purity ring (not that I have anything against it), and why she always get the cool guys?!

Laguna Beach sweetheart, Lauren Conrad does two tones colors! Red and blue with glitter topcoat scream "PARTY IN THE USA"

Rihanna, the good girl gone bad make a bold statement with her standing out black middle finger. Is she telling Chris Brown to f*ck off... who knows!

Last but not least.... the dirtiest. bitchiest, loveliest cast of our pretty little liars! I see people love to put another color in their ring fingers... it's funny and we're making statement(although i'm not sure what statement it is) by putting one standout color...

I did it on Oscar Night and would love to do it again since there's too many good color to wear in 10 nails!

Until then, Happy Polishing!



  1. Great pics! Just thought you might like to know that Vanessa's ring is on her middle finger not her ring finger.

  2. Love the cast of the pretty little liars!
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