Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sexy Red in Misery!

Dear Polishers,

Woohoo Long time no see...

I just got a job at a new office! So right now... I'm so-called busy!

Anyway... I want to post this for a long time, but I couldn't find a great picture of this until now. What I want to say is that this past few weeks, I've been obsessed with this "MISERY" music video by Maroon 5!

I love how the hardcore feel get to you when you watch it and boy... Adam Levine's much hotter when he gets punch by his leading lady, Anne V! And look at those gorgeous red nails!! Someone screams WOMAN EMPOWERMENT!!

It's inspired me to get some red nails!! So much for red lover! Obsessed right away!!

I'm using Rimmel's River Red! I've no complaint with this polish!! The color itself... such a gorgeous gorgeous red! It's the red you want... it screams sexy, fierce, and hot!! Very bold... kind a make a statement with your fashion dress. Probably the best red I've ever had!!!! While the brush.... the best-est thing I've ever seen!!! LOVE IT TOO MUCH!! (Since it won ELLE 2010 beauty item "it" list!!)

I was thinking on going Matte but looking at the dull apearance, I change it to gloss, rite away.

Until then... Happy polishing!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

How It All Happen... My Love of Nail Polish

Dear Polishers,

I never tell you the story how I get hooked on nail polish, but I think it's almost the same like everyone else. Either when we're trying to look cool while hanging out with our grown up sisters or when we're pretending we're a grown up woman just like our beautiful mom. Well, me...., I'm just a kid, but mom sometimes put lipstick on my lips, or put nail polish on my little fingers (which looked like baby carrots). Sometimes, the teacher scolded me for wearing nail polish to school. But that's not the time when I really hooked up on nail polish. It was when I was in my nephews house. I probably counted as one of the youngest since my other cousins are 4 or 5 years older than me. When you're in that age, you'll try to impress them by doing what they do.

Then one day. I heard my cousins start to beg to go to this mall and they look on their secrecy language code. I'm confused yet curious about their sudden panicked. Then I said what's going on, but they of course wouldn't tell me their little secret but I founded they're planning to go to this mall and want to do something there. As a kid, I have my bargain power. I was doing something: being sweet while doing that puppy eyed thing... and as usual. It worked.

So, I was accompanying them to the mall when they got into this little shop. I knew this shop as the place where I usually bought my Sailor Moon cards. (Yeap... I collect Sailor Moon cards until today! LOL) I was hooked on the cards and wish to buy it again when I see my cousins stand in the different side of the shop, chit-chatting while trying something. Out of curiosity, I walked to them and find out they're coloring their nails with this little bottle of nail polish. But what got me was the fact that it wasn't a red or pink polish like my mom usually gives me. It has lots of colors on it! Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Glitters, and others that I couldn't mention. Then I get this over-excitement feeling rushing on my self. I left the Sailor Moon cards and start to bother my cousins. I told them to put one color to my nails and my sister put a pastel purple to my nail. The feeling was magical... seeing the color in my nail. I didn't buy anything, but the experience really caught me and the next day, I went back to the mall and bought two nail polish for me. A blue pastel pearly and a pastel green pearly.

Year after year... I grown up and start to use nail polish on my toe nails since it's the only spot the teacher wouldn't see. I look at the magazine and remember seeing Sally Hansen advertisment and OPI Ford collection. I wish to have them, but I can't buy them since they're very expensive, although, I still love them and manage to buy a few color. Not to mention when I was watching "Aquamarine" (Emma Robert, Sara Paxton, and Jojo's movie which is a fun movie!) where the mermaid have this mood changing color nail! Wish I had one right now....

Then it happens until I graduate and my friend, Dika, introduce me to this seller that sold OPI in cheaper price than the actual retail price and thanks to Tim Burton who inspired OPI to make a collection abot his Alice in Wonderland movie! Since I have a job and I have my own money... I start to buy nail polish until now.

Back then... this is my collection....

But Now... they're multiplying!

Hopefully they multiply as fast as they could since I start to get bored with their colors (:p). But still.... They're my babies and always be my babies.

Until then, Happy Polishing!


Friday, March 11, 2011

BREAKING NEWS! I found them!

Dear polishers,

At last!! I found them.... My fellow Indonesian Nail Polish blogger!

Check 'em out!

Nail Art of The Day by Nicole
Polish Wonderland by Shella

*Updating this always and will move this to page section!

Until then, Happy Polishing!


Pokari, The Unknown Nail Polish in Indonesia

Dear Polishers,

I remember I used to buy this kind of polish since it's only cost 5.000 idr. It calls POKARI and you can find it at any spot that sell cheap beauty supply. I like to call them infamous because they're like this little guilty pleasure to buy since they cheap and offers great various of colors.

They even had one similar to Lippmann's Today was a Fairytale

But here's the problem... they're not good. They're bad for your nails. They're from Taiwan for God sake! (It's not like I'm trying to offend Taiwanese people... it's just., I'm not sure if they make a good formula for polish, honestly) So... I'm a bit skeptical of this polish. (I tried to buy it once. I bought 3 colors that I think I'm gonna love and after using it, I gave it to my helper for her daughter), on contrary, my Siamese twin, Jaclyn doesn't have a problem with this. She seems to buy lots of pokari polish and enjoy polishing her nails with it. I told her not to buy it anymore but I guess she won't listen to me. I want to interview her about it and hopefully I can update it sooner than I thought!

Here's some link to back up my statement:

Until then, Happy Polishing!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

TriBeCa Urban Retreat... The Preview!

Dear Polishers,

Last time, I talk about some greatest nail polish brand that ever existed... which surprisingly you could find in Indonesia.

Now... since I already know where to buy it, I want to discuss about THIS GREAT SHOP that make this "awesome things" available for us, Indonesian Polish Lovers, to buy it!

So... here it is! The Great "TriBeCa Urban Retreat"!

Truthfully, I've never go to this place. If you read my last post (right before this one) You'll know when I suddenly found Indonesia, mention in the Official Butter London location *squeals* and this is it. Here in TriBeCa... I found my dream fulfilled at last!

After contacting them, I ddin't end up buying Butter London because I can't find any satisfying color from their stock (beside... I have a tight budget for spending my cash into polishes since I still have my sanity), but I manage to buy 3 Rescue Beauty Lounge for me and Dika.

But that's not the point here. I'm not gonna tell you about myself. I'm gonna tell you about How pleased I am for having such a great shopping experience with them.

First of all. When I was contacting them via facebook, they give me a quick response and answer my message right away. Then second of all, after telling them that I couldn't go there since I'm at Jakarta and they're in Bandung... they offered me to do payment via transferred while they'll package my stuff to my addresses. I mean... isn't that so sweet. Anything for the happy customer! (Not like the one that Dika told me... which I'll tell you about later -It's about a snob nail saloon that refuse to sell or treat their customer with CHANNEL NAIL POLISH because they're not a VIP customer, even though you could pay for it! *What the heck, I know, right?! I promise I'll investigate it later!*)

So... I end up talking with them and chatting about how they're just start their business and so and so and so. I told them that I'm very impressed with how they manage to be in Butter London official website. (Even the Philippines aren't registered yet)

Of course I want to know a bit about them, so I visit their facebook page and looking for some good photos and evidence about their greatness and boy look what I found!

A great room you could chat with your girl friends!

A Promo that'll make every Nail Polish Fanatic jump over the head!

A Collection of colors that'll make everyone screams! (Yes... you see scrangie, Mismas, Orbis Non Suficit, The Famous Glitter Trio, Spongebob Collection, and many more!)

And last but not least! Easy manicures so cute yet so unique!

*Leopard manicure... I told you so!

*this one is a bit creepy... I mean who wants some eyes spying from your feet everytime you look at your nails! Cute... but creepy! LOL

So... by looking at this and their hospitality alone... If I somehow had a trip on Bandung, I won't hesitate to stop by and checking their polish collections while getting pampered. The truth is... I even want to plan a trip TriBeCa before my work is starting. Hopefully, I'll get the chance to visit them and getting my manicures done while I'm shopping those lovely polishes!

Until then, Happy Polishing!


ps: All pictures are courtesy of TriBeCa Urban Retreat Facebook Page!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BREAKING NEWS! Hereby Hereby... Butter London is here (and the great RBL!)

Dear Polishers,

Have you ever heard about people's saying that one thing lead to another? Well if you haven't, you should! Because I'm gonna tell a great story about that phrase!

So... last time, I was surfin on the internet to find out about the latest color and something caught my eyes!

Thanks to Miss Lipglossiping for the lovely swatch! I adore your nail!

I mean... this is too brilliant! Making nail polish to celebrate the royal wedding?! Just perfect.

Suddenly, there's this feeling that tickled me to check on Butter London Website. I have a knack on Butter London. I always fascinated by their name choices for their products and they have a lovely packaging and a lovely website to surf, although their color samples are ANNOYING! Then... I click the location part, because I remember Dika (one of my bestfriend who's the one who woke the tiger inside me.... by telling me where to buy pricey polish with better price! Yes Dika! It's your fault!) telling me that Butter London isn't made by the British but by the Americans... (Very ironic). I'm checking whether what she tells the truth. So I scroll down and check every locations where you can find Butter London Polish... and I scroll.... scroll.... scroll... scroll..... Until I froze!

There's this sound in my head start banging.... "What's that? Did I read it wrong?" and then my heart jump.... I freaked out and BBM Dika right away!

"Fuck, Dika! Butter London is sold in INDONESIA! Fuck!!"

I remember back then, Dika show me an advertisement about this nail saloon... I'm being skeptic by saying... "seriously? Aren't they like lying to public by putting that nail polish?" (Turns out I'm end up as being the jerk)

Then We start panicking and try to contact Tribeca and I'm being like on of those fanatic fans that stalking this TriBeCa saloon. (I was pathetic back then) Luckily.... They did give us a quick response. So... in the end.I end up chatting with TriBeCa and asking about their Butter London Polishes availability.

It disappoint me when I found out that Waitey Katie is only for USA market. So I end up not buying any Butter London Polish because I couldn''t find the perfect color, But... since I want to buy something from TriBeCa. I did buy RBL Anne from Henry Tudor's Wives collection.

Thanks miss All Lacquered Up for the beautiful pictures!

The point of my story is... I'm giving a salute for TriBeCa. I mean... even Butter London Phillipinne doesn't get any spot in Butter London Official Website! So.... right now I'm a fan of This TriBeCa Saloon!

Since They're so nice to me, I want to give em review about their saloon and their great hospitality! But that'll do in the next post!

Until then, Happy Polishing!


Sunday, March 6, 2011


Dear Polishers,

Let me greet you with this picture! (Inspiring, isn't it?)

Yeap, this spring seems to be the year of leopard manicure! Thanks to Zac Posen Spring/Summer Fashion Show in New York Fashion Week in early 2011.

This what inspired the manicure!

I mean look at those gorgeous combination color... I could cry just looking at it! Doesn't it scream NAILheartINK?!?!?!?!

So, in an honor of mr. Posen..., I'm gonna do a leopard manicure. I'm using Etude White for the base color, and then I sponged 3 colors (Orange polish, OPI Who The Shrek are You, and China Glaze For Audrey). After that I clean up the mess with cotton bud and start stamping my nails with konad plate series number M57. Then after everything is done, I put a top coat over it (which become a disaster, turns out you should wait for some hours to make sure that the konad polish won't fade when you're top coating your nails!)

This what it looks like!

You know, I'm kinda a perfectionist when making I do something I really like! I even spent almost an hour once to do an easy manicure revolving a konad plate and bad polish once! But this one... I won't do another polish because it takes hour to do it and it takes layer to build this kind of look. But what annoy me most is the fact that those little konad polish is such a little fucker because they fade easily when I use top coat over it!

Such a disappointment.... but the awesomeness of this manicure is too great too be mourned. So... YAY ME! I give it an A for this thing. Would you try a leopard manicure for yourself?

Until then, Happy Polishing!


Friday, March 4, 2011

NAILheartINK: Dream, Wish, and Believe

Dear Polishers,

I'm telling you guys that I'm doing a little branding here. I want NAILheartINK to be the first blog that discuss about nail polish in Indonesia. Well, maybe I don't have as much polish as other people does. But hey... I'm on my way.

I even had my little nail polish online shop in facebook, a blog, a twitter, and a page!

It's a bit ambitious but one day, I wish NAILheartINK could produce their own polish! But I know right not it's not possible (BTW, one of my friend who get her Nail polish madness from me is considering on making her own nail polish brand. Can you imagine? it's sadden me when people try to fulfill my dream without including me. This is my dream, why you're the one who have to live it? I'm not mad... I'm just disappointing, though I wish you the many luck!)

Anyway... Here's my LOGO brand!

and I make some manicure to celebrate it...

I'm using OPI Katy Perry Black Shatter over LA Girl Matte Shocking Pink, M57 Konad Plate (Which is the best buy of the plate) and I top coated it with Essie Matte About You...

Love Love Love it! So bad!!! This is what describe NAILheartINK! Fun, Unique, Cute, Edgy at the same time. We rock, don't we!!

Until then, Happy Polishing!