Saturday, February 12, 2011

Find Your Muse... Selected Nail Magz Scan!

Dear Polishers,

I should start making something that makes my blog different than the other. Maybe changing format, discussing easy manicure, or stuff rather than giving swatches. Beside, my creative brain needs a release.

So... i was looking something to fill my blog and then, I got this amazing cute japonnese Nail magazine and I guess some of them are worth to save. So here it is. You should check on the picture. Maybe it can give you a easy manicure inspiration!

BTW, I was reading I love Nailpolish Blog and I found this a post about COLOR TEST. I know that when I do the test I'm gonna get a perfect score because I always knew that I'm good at Colors.

and FYI, while I'm reading her blog, she put funfact about ther that she collects hangers and arranges them in color while matching it with her outfit. The funny thing is, though I didn't collect hanger, I did matching it while hanging it with my outfit! Coincidence? Maybe it's just because we love color so much we have fun with it!

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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