Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Movie Obsession Goes in The Way!

Dear Polishers,

Did I ever tell you that I'm a movie buff?

Yeap... for you who don't know. I'm a movie buff... mostly I love to watch adventure or sci-fi movie, anything out of ordinary.

So the connection of our nail polish topic is that I'm making some easy manicure with movie theme. Lately, I'm a bit obsessed with Tron Legacy. I love the movies and everything about it! The colors, the music (Daft Punk is genius), the cast (Garret Hedlund! Super Yummy!)

That's why I decided to do some tribute to TRON!

Here's what I use!

Opi Katy Perry Black Shatter, Faceshop Orange Neon, Faceshop Yellow, China Glaze For Audrey

And this is what it looks like...

I called this manicure GREETINGS PROGRAM!

I think this manicure is very dull. Nothing interesting about this manicure and I wipe it immediately after using it for two days. Shame on me for doing it by deadline. That's why my creativity weren't explored! But what do you think? Is it a good manicure? or a bad one?

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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