Saturday, February 12, 2011

BREAKING NEWS! Top 10 Blogs U must read!

Dear Polisher,

Since I don't have much time... I like to double my post when I have one.

Today's another topic is the 10 best blog you should know and must read! They discuss about nail polish and mostly with good info, pictures, layout, and stuffs. They are my heroes, my inspirations, mentors, and everything that I could ever dream of. One day... I hope to be like one of them! So here it is, THE 10 BEST BLOG TO WATCH!

Let's start, shall we...

Number 10, Goes to EMERALD SPARKLE
I always love a blog that can give you lots of tips and trick of doing easy manicure and Emerald Sparkle can give you that... not to mention she's good at combining color and her pictures always look so neat!

Number 9 goes to POLISHPOLICE
I love to read the amazing adventure of miss PolishPolice and how her lovely friends always surprise her with presents! It's very lovely to see friendship that build by nail polish! AWESOME!

Number 8, Goes to POLISH ADDICT
Too bad miss Addict never update her blog anymore. I always stunt on how pretty her picture is, and her neat style!

Number 7 goes to NAILPHILE
For her neat blog, but I hate the fact that she doesn't use the "show post" format. It's rather exhausting when clicking things too much!

Number 6 goes to VAMPYVARNISH
Why I like miss vampy blog, because she always gives us cool colors too watch. I love how she's obssesed with gothic polish. All the greens, reds, blacks, and navies.... just the best!

Number 5 goes to LACQUERIZED
I'm still hoping miss Lacquerized is going to update her blog soon. Her blog looks beautifully arrange and her pictures are probably the best. With info and crazy stuff... I'll wait forever for her update!

Number 4 goes to FRANKENPOLISH
Dr. Frank's creativity really inspired me a lot! God, I just wish the doctor keep making franken creature for our nails.... they craving for frankenpolish!

Number 3 goes to I LOVE NAILPOLISH
What I like the most about this blog is how neat the photos and an easy manicure with tips... that's just somethin!

Number 2 goes to SCRANGIE
God, miss Scrangie probably the rebel of nail polish blogger and I love how quick she updates her blog. Too bad i'm not a fan of her photo and lately, I'm a bit annoyed with her make up review... since I'm looking for a nail polish review.

Number 1 goes to ALL LACQUERED UP
The mother of all blogger. People said she's the first that inspiring many blogger out there and I can see it because her blog is almost perfect for anything.

So, after giving you my 10 best nail polish blog. I hope you're gonna visit them and check out their blogs because they're the reason I make my blog... One day, I wish to be a great blogger like them and spreading "NAIL POLISH" fever in INDONESIA!!!

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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