Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BREAKING NEWS! Hereby Hereby... Butter London is here (and the great RBL!)

Dear Polishers,

Have you ever heard about people's saying that one thing lead to another? Well if you haven't, you should! Because I'm gonna tell a great story about that phrase!

So... last time, I was surfin on the internet to find out about the latest color and something caught my eyes!

Thanks to Miss Lipglossiping for the lovely swatch! I adore your nail!

I mean... this is too brilliant! Making nail polish to celebrate the royal wedding?! Just perfect.

Suddenly, there's this feeling that tickled me to check on Butter London Website. I have a knack on Butter London. I always fascinated by their name choices for their products and they have a lovely packaging and a lovely website to surf, although their color samples are ANNOYING! Then... I click the location part, because I remember Dika (one of my bestfriend who's the one who woke the tiger inside me.... by telling me where to buy pricey polish with better price! Yes Dika! It's your fault!) telling me that Butter London isn't made by the British but by the Americans... (Very ironic). I'm checking whether what she tells the truth. So I scroll down and check every locations where you can find Butter London Polish... and I scroll.... scroll.... scroll... scroll..... Until I froze!

There's this sound in my head start banging.... "What's that? Did I read it wrong?" and then my heart jump.... I freaked out and BBM Dika right away!

"Fuck, Dika! Butter London is sold in INDONESIA! Fuck!!"

I remember back then, Dika show me an advertisement about this nail saloon... I'm being skeptic by saying... "seriously? Aren't they like lying to public by putting that nail polish?" (Turns out I'm end up as being the jerk)

Then We start panicking and try to contact Tribeca and I'm being like on of those fanatic fans that stalking this TriBeCa saloon. (I was pathetic back then) Luckily.... They did give us a quick response. So... in the end.I end up chatting with TriBeCa and asking about their Butter London Polishes availability.

It disappoint me when I found out that Waitey Katie is only for USA market. So I end up not buying any Butter London Polish because I couldn''t find the perfect color, But... since I want to buy something from TriBeCa. I did buy RBL Anne from Henry Tudor's Wives collection.

Thanks miss All Lacquered Up for the beautiful pictures!

The point of my story is... I'm giving a salute for TriBeCa. I mean... even Butter London Phillipinne doesn't get any spot in Butter London Official Website! So.... right now I'm a fan of This TriBeCa Saloon!

Since They're so nice to me, I want to give em review about their saloon and their great hospitality! But that'll do in the next post!

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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  1. Whoaaaa! RBL!!!! That is awesome! <3 How much do they sell RBLs for?

    And I hope you find Butter London colors you want soon!!