Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Oo-o-o It's Magic

Dear Polishers,

Last time I was at singapore on January. It was like the biggest journey of my life... since I've never walked out of my country and that's the first time I'm being abroad. Which is turn out... it means much but not that much as I expected.

But... of course there's a really good time when I found little treasures in the middle of stuffs (Good stuffs). I FOUND NAIL POLISH!!!!!

I don't know why.... Singapore really has lots of Nail art saloon but what bothers me is why can't I find polish store there. The only place I could find nail polish is drug store and one beauty shop which I even don't remember its name.

Anyway, I bought lots of stuff in there... a bit dissapointed I didn't buy the Nicole by OPI because it costs too much money!

So here it is, what I bought in Singapore...

From left to right: OPI rising star, Delsol Heart breaker, Rimmel rieviera red, Thinner, LA Girl Matte indigo and pink, Sally Hansen Violet sparks

My favorites are those four thing and probably rimmel riviera red.

Lately I'm obsessed with Rimmel brand because their amazing brush. With just one apply, you'll get a perfect shade in your nails.

While DelSol amazes me with its magic! Believe it or not, it respond to sunlight and get darker everytime it's exposed to the sun. (It should gone grape purple, but I only got red plum... but at least it doesn't lie!)

I just wish it really could change color into bright purple instead of Plum color. a bit dissapointment for 15 dollar....

So would you buy a changing color nail polish?

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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