Friday, May 20, 2011

Khloe Kardashian and Lavender Nail Polish

Dear Polishers,

Rite now, I'm a bit obsessed watching the Kardashians reality show and yes, I've always been a fan of Khloe but not until I knew she's a fan of purple and saw her and her cute fingers with lavender polish that covered her nails.

So basically, I watch the episode when she got married and when she's walking around with her lavender nail!!

It was perfect for her skin tone and I definitely adore the look on her nails!

So... i start digging on the internet and looking for that gorgeous lavender polish and when I found it, I'm in total shocked!!


Because It's none other than OPI's Rumpleswiggin from the Shrek forever after collection!!

They come with great colors and thank God I don't find any red hues on it!

There's this good news and bad news. The good news is... I do have that mini pack Shrek which include the mini lavender wigglin! The bad news is... that cute lavender wiggin's bottle was broken long before I saw Khloe's nails!!

I'm literary crying if I remember my wigglin!!!!

So rite now, I gotta buy a new wigglin for my self and wait for some weeks to get my lavender nails done.... Ugh... that's a torture to me!

Until then, Happy Polishing!



  1. Cool colors for a cool person. Love Khloe's coz she's just humble and down to earth :)

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  2. I like Kloe. She's more genuine than anyone in her family. I also love the lavender color she has on. You can buy wholesale nail polish at atlnailsupply