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Where to Buy! a Guide for Nail Polish Shopaholic:
Hey Polishers... I come up with some plan on making a list where you can find all the pretty NAIL POLISH in Indonesia. It contains where you can find it, the price (all in thousand idr), and is it a good product or not. Right now, I'm just updating for Jakarta city only but I don't know maybe one day... I'll put your town on my list! I divided it into some categories from where the brand are coming from.

>The Faceshop
Faceshop probably one of korean brand that offers great varieties of colors and coming in friendly prices. Unfortunately, that doesn't come with good quality since my nails always left yellow after using this polish for a week. It's a nuisance and the smell is horrible, although it dries quite fast.
Where to buy: Almost at  big mall in Jakarta such as Kelapa Gading 2 (Ground Floor near Bodyshop), Artha Gading (Ground floor near lift), Pluit Junction, EX plaza
Price: 38idr - 70idr
Stars-o-meter: 1

> Etude House
Other common brand like The Faceshop, Etude doesn't offer as much as colors like Faceshop, but  from formula, in my opinion, etude does a lot better than faceshop. Although the smell still annoyes me, I prefer using etude nail polish rather than faceshop for better formula reason.
Where to buy: Kelapa Gading Mall 3 (Lt3 near Sogo), Taman Anggrek (Lt.1 near McDonalds)
Price: 28idr - 105idr
Stars-o-meter: 3

> Skinfood
Another new popular brand from Korea. Not much colors varieties and offer almost same range color like etude, but personally, I prefer using etude because last time i read, Skinfood nailpolish are containing toxic chemical more that as it should be. So for safety reason, I will say go for other brand than skinfood (for now)
Where to buy: Kelapa Gading 3 (Lt.2 near Sogo), Taman Anggrek (Ground Floor near Gramedia), EX extension
Price: 32idr - 78idr
Stars-o-meter: 1

Unfamous Korean brand, but probably the most satisfying brand for healthier reason. I've used this polish once and my nails rarely get yellow after a week of using it. Though the formula a bit thick and not dry fast, I prefer this one for healthy reason. Too bad they didn't offer lots of color.
Where to buy: Kelapa Gading 1 (Star deptstore lt.1)
Price: 35idr-56idr
Stars-o-meter: 3

> Beauty Center
Another brand that offer quite a color just like etude. Some time you can find similar color like the one you can find in faceshop. But here's the good news, it comes with cheap price and cute bottle. Although I do have some issues on how long it takes for them to dry, but then again, Price always gives us perfect reason to buy more, right?
Where to buy: Pluit Junction (Lt.2 near Caffe Expresso) and one some mall in Batam City
Price: 28idr - 69idr
Stars-o-meter: 3

Almost the same like etude and beuaty center, but the come with pricey tags. Maybe a bit like etude but not as much colors as etude. They do have cute packaging and cute color series like "Nail Cone It Girl's" and I believe I've seen the best neon shocking pink in their display! *wonder where she is now....*
Where to buy: Kelapa Gading (lt.2 at Sogo). Golden Truly (Ground Floor)
Price: 65idr
Stars-o-meter: 2

Probably only a few people known this brand. Since they used to be found in Nail Manicure Saloon called "Nail Shop" If I'm not mistaken. The great things about Gionyx is they come with quite an okay price and it's a 3free brands! I mean... where can you find 3 free brands outside beside OPI, Orly, etc, right? Although they over a great variety of pink and creme, I rarely found crazy colors to brag about. But the packaging is nice, the brush are good, the formula are perfect, and you even had this tiny little black book for manual. So cute, isn't it.
Where to buy: Mall of Indonesia (lt.1 near Solaria), ITC Mangga Dua (lt.5 around blok A or B)
Price: 125idr
Stars-o-meter: 4

I think Konad is famous with their nail art plate rather than their polish. I myself never bought their nail polish unless it's for nail art purpose. Beside, I think they're a bit pricey for their size...
Where to buy: Kelapa Gading 3 (lt.4 near XXI),  Taman Anggrek (unknown)
Price: 125idr
Stars-o-meter: 4

So now let's move to those pricey polish from my favorite country!

USA (United States of America)
The most famous brand of nail polish probably in the whole world. I don't know... that's my opinion. Anyway, Most of their products are 3free and they always have good formula... okay although their glitters formula are kinds of annoying but since it's so pretty, I forgive them.  Not to mention the fact that they sell limited edition color inspired from movies! (Yes movies! You know I'm a movie-fan!). OPI knowns best for its red colors and they also offers great variety of brown, maroon, plum, pink, nudes... and so and so and so... But... (yeap... there's always a catch on every good news) But.. they come in ugly price! Yes very-very-very ugly price.... the only way to buy OPI with great price is through the e-tailers seller. At leaset you'll get about 30% discount from it normal price.
Where to buy: Kelapa Gading 3 (lt.1 Sogo and Ground Floor at Guardian), Plaza Indonesia (Basement at OPI Nail Saloon and at Guardian), Grand Indonesia (Qtip, east side lt.3 near Gramedia)
Price: 180idr
Stars-o-meter: 4

Nicole by OPI
The newest addition to our nail polish brand, Nicole by OPI. On 26 Feb 2011, I was hanging out with my BFFs when I see something hanging in the OPI stand and it was Justin Bieber Complete Collection Polish! Oh God! My heart jumping like crazy and I start to examinse it one by one. I opened the bottle and find short brush... seems it's an easy applicator brush. The bottle shape is very ergonomic since it's easy to hold. Cheaper than OPI itself although Bieber is the only collection I've seen.
Where to buy: Plaza Indonesia (Basement at OPI Nail Saloon and at Guardian), Kelapa Gading 3 (Lt.1 at Sogo)
Price: 160-165idr
Stars-o-meter: 4

> Orly 
I'm not much of an Orly lover although their cosmic collection is epic! I'm a bit annoyed with their dry time and their sheer formula. I don't understand why I can scratch them after using it for almost a day?! Shouldn't it be dry by then and hardened? Totally annoy me...
*Quick update! Turns out, one of m friend who use the same polish like mine didn't get any trouble. She even thinks I'm crazy! So... who's the loco here? Still investigating!
Where to buy: Plaza Indonesia (Glow, Ground Floor), Grand Indonesia (Qtip, lt.3 near Gramedia)
Price: 145idr - 155idr
Stars-o-meter: 2

> Sally Hansen
My mom is a fan of Sally Hansen and for me, Sally Hansen probably the 1st expensive nail polish I want. But back then I'm not much of a polish-manic and just buy cheap polish since I'm still high school student. Back then, they sold lots of crazy hologram and silver colors... but nowaday, it's only a dream to find Sally Hansen Silver polish. They sell red and pink colors, and the brush is very skinny... which I hate so much. Though I keep buying their remover since it's a worth-to-buy remover
Where to buy: Plaza Indonesia (Basement at Guardian) Kelapa Gading 5 (Watsons Ground Floor)
Price: 95idr - 120id
Stars-o-meter: 3

>China Glaze
One of my favorite brand since they offer crazy unique range of colors... It's like the library of cool colors! Although the brush is a bit skinny, the formula is very satisfying. I just love it... the color are dreamy! Very dreamy... and the price is quite okay for their weird color!
Where to buy: Plaza Indonesia (Basement at OPI Nail Saloon and at Guardian)
Price: 165-170idr
Stars-o-meter: 4

You may like and adore Revlon polish but in my eyes... Revlon is a bad thing! I hate their formula, I hate their smells, their boring color, and did I mention their smell?! I just hate everything about them... I don't even bother to check their new color... Revlon is just annoying. I cried why they serve such a bad formula for their Indonesian customer. Though I'm a red polish fan, it's not worth to buy red if it comes from Revlon. I'd rather buy korean polish with better smell and better brush and formula...
Where to buy: Any Sogo, Centro, or Star you can find in your favorite mall.
Price: 35idr
Stars-o-meter: 0

> Rescue Beauty Lounge
It's a long waiting for me and now I'm gladly to say that HURAY HURAY HURAY! You could find RBL now in Indonesia... although you have to go to this one place... Who cares! We're talking about RBL here... One of the greatest Polish right now. I never wore them, but from the review, they rarely had bad formula. And what amaze me is that their colors... although they're mostly monoton colors, I don't mind because you won't find any dupe color. You may find similar color, (I tried for Starfish Patrick) and guess what, you'll get disapointed because to be honest, they gives us the "PERFECT" color. Get it? So with the pricey price...Who wants to complaint?! I don't! Because it's all worth it!

Where to buy: Only at TriBeCa Urban Retreat Bandung
Price: 230idr
Stars-o-meter: 5

> Butter London
Same as RBL, Butter London is one of my obsession right now and I squeals so bad when I check on their official website that you can find Butter London in Indonesia! My heart jumps right away and I'm freaking out while on phone with my best friend who's also a polish nerd! I've never use this, I don't have anything to say! But... I love their name choice. I always imagine saying their name with brittish accent like Tee wi' the Quiinn, or Ming-ga, or any other cute names! And the funny thing is.. I just found out they're not made by the brittish but by Americans. Can you imagine, how ironic is that?
Where to buy: Only at TriBeCa Urban Retreat Bandung
Price: 200idr
Stars-o-meter: 0


  1. u might not wear good base coat, that why your nails getting stain. but i really love missha, the faceshop, skinfood, etude house. Those have great variety of colors but i DEFINITELY in love with Sally Hansen and OPI :D and btw thanks for sharing info! :)

  2. You're right... I know I'm supposed to wear a base coat for my nail protection. But the fact is I don't have much problem with other brand like etude, skinfood, and missha. So either the faceshop formula is strong, or my nails are sensitive toward their formula.

  3. and where is the exact location of this TriBeca thing?? OMG..i feel like screamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!

    btw, i myself, hate etude. i prefer the 65K FaceShop, but then again what can i say, i'm a weirdo, i hate all un-named-nail polish with only NUMBER on it's bottom.. Period.

  4. Tribeca is in Bandung... If I'm not mistaken... It's in Jalan Sumatra, near Sushi Tei.

  5. Thanks a lot for your post! Very very useful <3

  6. Hey do u know where I can find Sally Hansen nail polish salon effect??
    Thx before..and by the way I like ur blog...

    1. You can find it in Guardian i guess.

    2. no you cant. Ive searched to all guardian, watsons and every beauty store in Bandung. They dont have sally hansen. :( saadd..
      I have to go to jakarta. to kelapa gading mall and get it on watsons.

      hey, if you mind check out my nail blog www.sheilachristie.blogspot.com