Friday, March 11, 2011

Pokari, The Unknown Nail Polish in Indonesia

Dear Polishers,

I remember I used to buy this kind of polish since it's only cost 5.000 idr. It calls POKARI and you can find it at any spot that sell cheap beauty supply. I like to call them infamous because they're like this little guilty pleasure to buy since they cheap and offers great various of colors.

They even had one similar to Lippmann's Today was a Fairytale

But here's the problem... they're not good. They're bad for your nails. They're from Taiwan for God sake! (It's not like I'm trying to offend Taiwanese people... it's just., I'm not sure if they make a good formula for polish, honestly) So... I'm a bit skeptical of this polish. (I tried to buy it once. I bought 3 colors that I think I'm gonna love and after using it, I gave it to my helper for her daughter), on contrary, my Siamese twin, Jaclyn doesn't have a problem with this. She seems to buy lots of pokari polish and enjoy polishing her nails with it. I told her not to buy it anymore but I guess she won't listen to me. I want to interview her about it and hopefully I can update it sooner than I thought!

Here's some link to back up my statement:

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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  1. they are junkies for my opinion! the only one good thing is they definitely cheap lol. i have one and thought that would work for nail art :D