Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Maarrr-ble... what an a**

Dear polishers,

After surfing for some times, I really get curious with the marbling technique.
I watch lots of nail artist done it and I really wish to do marbling manicure. Not to mention when I see colors like this!

While I realize that it's almost christmas and I'm thinking on having a Christmas theme manicure while wishing that my China Glaze party hearty will arrive soon! I decided to do some marbling technique which remind me or that stick mint red white lollipop cane. After decided to have a lollipop manicure (via marbling), I start to dig on the internet and search some info and even videos tutorial of how to make a marbling effect!



seems the technique is very easy to apply, right?!


I cried on my first battle with it! On my first attempt, I just managed to do one finger.

Then after that... either the polish drop sink to the bottom of the bowl or when I tried to make pattern, they become glued into one thick gooey mess.

I give up! I felt I'm just throwing my mini OPI Alice in Wonderland Thanks so Muchness for nothing! Turns out, I'm not the one who feels about the frustration. You should read how miss A.L.U complains about this stupid marbling effect! RIGHT HERE!

That's it... the end of my dream of doing marble technique alone. Next time, I'll just drive by to the nearest saloon and told the manicurist to do some in my nails. *That's what saloon are for, right*

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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