Monday, November 15, 2010

Beauty Center... I hear VIOLET!

Dear Polishers,

It was two months ago when I saw a cosmetic shop in Emporium Pluit that stuck in my head. It's a cosmetic shop from Korea and usually, korean cosmetic has the best nail polish color! So I was going there and looking for something and stunt by at the nail polish section.

There they are, with beautiful bottle and reasonable cheap price. (the color is not much to brag since it's almost the same like you could find in faceshop)

But at that time... I don't feel I'm much of in-need of nailpolish so i just walk pass by and for two months!!! I kept thinking of that one store. I was looking in other stores in jakarta and I couldn't find that brand and yesterday, I had the chance to go to Empo once again and first place i go was that cosmetic shop! AND NOT FORGET TO GET SOME PICTURE!

So... basically. This shop offers the cheapest nailpolish price, and with the beautiful bottle (korean brand always known for their cute package!) and the color... yeah... it's kinda simple but hey... at least the color was quite colorfull!

I'm picking up for one color and I choose violet. It was frosty pearl violet and you could find similar color in VOV cosmetic.

And this is how it looks on my nails!

The picture was a bit blue, but the bottle is kinda a bit purple, but it doesn't matter, because it's kinda duo-chrome color. The color is not that special but i love how it gives some effect to your nails. For the formula, It's applicable, easy to remove, smell as bad as faceshop but still tolerated.

the Result is EXTREMELY SATISFYING! (although I didn't check much longer if this thing makes your nails goes yellow! but at least it's cheaper than faceshop!)

Unfortunately, you could only find this in Jakarta Emporium Pluit or in Batam (and why the heck it has to be in BATAM?!)

So... grab one of these polish! Guess it wins my worth-to-buy award!

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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