Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's Skins Blue Shimmer vs Faceshop Blue Shimmer

Dear Polishers,

I remember to give you swatches of two similar dark navy blue shimmer by It's skins and faceshop. Although they're not identical, I still want to compare them due to similar color.

So here it is... It's skin blue shimmer

and faceshop blue shimmer...

The only difference of this polish is that the faceshop had this pink glitter, hide behind those blue shimmer while the it's skin doesn't serve anything beside blue, blue, and blue.

I love the color so much... Maybe It's the only faceshop polish I don't regret buying it. I even put it in my toe nails for 3 weeks and what did i got.... YELLOW almost ORANGE nails! Can you imagine?!

But despite all of it, I still love you blue baby faceshop!

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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