Friday, March 4, 2011

NAILheartINK: Dream, Wish, and Believe

Dear Polishers,

I'm telling you guys that I'm doing a little branding here. I want NAILheartINK to be the first blog that discuss about nail polish in Indonesia. Well, maybe I don't have as much polish as other people does. But hey... I'm on my way.

I even had my little nail polish online shop in facebook, a blog, a twitter, and a page!

It's a bit ambitious but one day, I wish NAILheartINK could produce their own polish! But I know right not it's not possible (BTW, one of my friend who get her Nail polish madness from me is considering on making her own nail polish brand. Can you imagine? it's sadden me when people try to fulfill my dream without including me. This is my dream, why you're the one who have to live it? I'm not mad... I'm just disappointing, though I wish you the many luck!)

Anyway... Here's my LOGO brand!

and I make some manicure to celebrate it...

I'm using OPI Katy Perry Black Shatter over LA Girl Matte Shocking Pink, M57 Konad Plate (Which is the best buy of the plate) and I top coated it with Essie Matte About You...

Love Love Love it! So bad!!! This is what describe NAILheartINK! Fun, Unique, Cute, Edgy at the same time. We rock, don't we!!

Until then, Happy Polishing!



  1. Nice colors and hip design! really looks good on you :)
    There's more nail supplies & equipment here,

  2. I can tell you know your brands. I know a site that has all the brands that you can buy at one place at wholesale prices. Check out