Saturday, March 12, 2011

How It All Happen... My Love of Nail Polish

Dear Polishers,

I never tell you the story how I get hooked on nail polish, but I think it's almost the same like everyone else. Either when we're trying to look cool while hanging out with our grown up sisters or when we're pretending we're a grown up woman just like our beautiful mom. Well, me...., I'm just a kid, but mom sometimes put lipstick on my lips, or put nail polish on my little fingers (which looked like baby carrots). Sometimes, the teacher scolded me for wearing nail polish to school. But that's not the time when I really hooked up on nail polish. It was when I was in my nephews house. I probably counted as one of the youngest since my other cousins are 4 or 5 years older than me. When you're in that age, you'll try to impress them by doing what they do.

Then one day. I heard my cousins start to beg to go to this mall and they look on their secrecy language code. I'm confused yet curious about their sudden panicked. Then I said what's going on, but they of course wouldn't tell me their little secret but I founded they're planning to go to this mall and want to do something there. As a kid, I have my bargain power. I was doing something: being sweet while doing that puppy eyed thing... and as usual. It worked.

So, I was accompanying them to the mall when they got into this little shop. I knew this shop as the place where I usually bought my Sailor Moon cards. (Yeap... I collect Sailor Moon cards until today! LOL) I was hooked on the cards and wish to buy it again when I see my cousins stand in the different side of the shop, chit-chatting while trying something. Out of curiosity, I walked to them and find out they're coloring their nails with this little bottle of nail polish. But what got me was the fact that it wasn't a red or pink polish like my mom usually gives me. It has lots of colors on it! Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Glitters, and others that I couldn't mention. Then I get this over-excitement feeling rushing on my self. I left the Sailor Moon cards and start to bother my cousins. I told them to put one color to my nails and my sister put a pastel purple to my nail. The feeling was magical... seeing the color in my nail. I didn't buy anything, but the experience really caught me and the next day, I went back to the mall and bought two nail polish for me. A blue pastel pearly and a pastel green pearly.

Year after year... I grown up and start to use nail polish on my toe nails since it's the only spot the teacher wouldn't see. I look at the magazine and remember seeing Sally Hansen advertisment and OPI Ford collection. I wish to have them, but I can't buy them since they're very expensive, although, I still love them and manage to buy a few color. Not to mention when I was watching "Aquamarine" (Emma Robert, Sara Paxton, and Jojo's movie which is a fun movie!) where the mermaid have this mood changing color nail! Wish I had one right now....

Then it happens until I graduate and my friend, Dika, introduce me to this seller that sold OPI in cheaper price than the actual retail price and thanks to Tim Burton who inspired OPI to make a collection abot his Alice in Wonderland movie! Since I have a job and I have my own money... I start to buy nail polish until now.

Back then... this is my collection....

But Now... they're multiplying!

Hopefully they multiply as fast as they could since I start to get bored with their colors (:p). But still.... They're my babies and always be my babies.

Until then, Happy Polishing!



  1. Wow, you have so much nail polish :)

  2.'s growing... it's a small collection compare to others! ^_^

  3. i love those pictures :D and i tag you this :