Sunday, March 6, 2011


Dear Polishers,

Let me greet you with this picture! (Inspiring, isn't it?)

Yeap, this spring seems to be the year of leopard manicure! Thanks to Zac Posen Spring/Summer Fashion Show in New York Fashion Week in early 2011.

This what inspired the manicure!

I mean look at those gorgeous combination color... I could cry just looking at it! Doesn't it scream NAILheartINK?!?!?!?!

So, in an honor of mr. Posen..., I'm gonna do a leopard manicure. I'm using Etude White for the base color, and then I sponged 3 colors (Orange polish, OPI Who The Shrek are You, and China Glaze For Audrey). After that I clean up the mess with cotton bud and start stamping my nails with konad plate series number M57. Then after everything is done, I put a top coat over it (which become a disaster, turns out you should wait for some hours to make sure that the konad polish won't fade when you're top coating your nails!)

This what it looks like!

You know, I'm kinda a perfectionist when making I do something I really like! I even spent almost an hour once to do an easy manicure revolving a konad plate and bad polish once! But this one... I won't do another polish because it takes hour to do it and it takes layer to build this kind of look. But what annoy me most is the fact that those little konad polish is such a little fucker because they fade easily when I use top coat over it!

Such a disappointment.... but the awesomeness of this manicure is too great too be mourned. So... YAY ME! I give it an A for this thing. Would you try a leopard manicure for yourself?

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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