Monday, August 2, 2010

GRADATION and nail polish TRENDS!

Dear Polishers,

You know that this past few days, I've been crazy for gradation nail polish and so, after thinking... I decided to make a gradation nail polish, following ALU's tips!

And guess what....


From the thickness, the lumpyness, I have to go like 7 coats to make it looks like a gradation polish! And at first I tried it with pink.... but wrong shimmer makes it looks like as if it's one polish...

So second attempt, I tried to use the color that fit with the shimmer, which is mint green.
It's was quite good until it looks extremely plain. I HATE PLAIN THINGS! so... i decided to put hearts polish and it was a BIG MISTAKE!!!!! Although it looks good but it takes like 4 hours to make it completely dry and in that time... it stick to plastic and I don't even have a good way to explain it.

It was worth a shot but believe me, if you're not an expert like Miss ALU, never tried this alone... because It's gonna kill you!

Check it out!!

* a bit surprise when I was checkin miss SCRANGIE's blog, she's doing a similar manicure to her nails! HAPPY! I'm reading nail polish trend! LOL
*a bit disappointed using Google chrome... I can't drag pictures to this blog, expand pictures in this blog and other stupid features like making pictures to desktop background... SIGH. Disappointed....

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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