Saturday, July 31, 2010

BUTTER JELLY... That sound delicious!!!

Dear Polishers,

So... i told you I'm not a great blogger.... (T.T) but anyway, after postponing for like 2 months... thanks to lack of money and stupid things internet did to me (I'll tell you later on about the story) So I'm back again with my fave topic!!


Here's the thing.... It was 3 months ago when my friend told me this thing. A gradation effect to your nail! OOOOHHHHH First I'm not that excited... and I've seen the tools and so... plain. They package it in bad way! But then I saw this thing!!!! (Pic bellow!) and KAZZAAAMMMM!!!

Instant crush!

I got this pic from the genius miss ALU
She's even being nice to her readers and us, giving instruction how to do it!

And an instant love goes to BUTTER (thanks miss ALU for the lovely dreamy pic! DROOL MUCH!)

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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