Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Amazingness of Korean Nail polish!!

Dear Polishers,

I really amazed the fact that KOREAN NAIL POLISH is very very fascinating! I adore it too much. It has beautiful colors choice, easy to remove and even the glitter one, and very glossy appearance. Oh i just love it so much till it made me do another manicure with glitter!!!

First, I remember that this TONY MOLY Moss has an amazing solid color! I just love the way it looks like JADE green from OPI Hongkong Collection... For brighter performance, I put some gold layer in it and now they look pretty amazing!

And second one, I put a plum Tony Moly purple and somehow, even I know that gold tend to look good with purple, I adore the JADE GOLD, rather than the PLUM GOLD...

So... the point of my blog lately... If your friends went to Korea, Ask for Korean NAIL POLISH!!! Or, you're gonna regret it so much!!!!!!!

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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