Monday, August 9, 2010


Dear Polishers,

Yesterday, I was meeting with my best college friends and one of them just came back from her recent trip from Korea. She was staying for studying lingerie design and her trip was paid by her company. Since she was there for a month, I didn't forget to tell her to buy some great polish she could find.

So, when she met me yesterday, I was shocked with the amount of polish she brought me. (13 dark edgy polish she could find really drools me out!)

I was like a kid in a toyshop! It was heaven for me and I decide to gives you kind peek of my new polish collection!!

Here's the FANTASTIC HEART etude polish she bought me! (I put it with her other etude friends so she won't feel lonely) Too bad I won't put a review for this nail polish because I'm kinda disappointed with result of this polish. (Maybe I'll give it a comparison between Faceshop's and Etude's)

Second are the polish from it's skins (Blue shimmer) innisfree (Plum shimmer) and Holikaholika (Tuscany purple). From the 13th bottle it's skins has the oddest bottle and not an intersting one, while innisfree has an embossed upper cap (just like usual west polish bottle) while HolikaHolika is a common bottle but they're trying to make it look sweet by shaping the upper top cap with haxagonal shape and their witches logo

Mostly, I ordered TONYMOLY polishes (according to my friend, TONY MOLY was the hippest brand in Korea right now)

And last two is from the "BAVIPHAT" collection. Which has the best bottle design from all this 5 brands! The bottle is similar to nfu-oh and has words written in the cap (EVERY GIRLS, BE IT GIRLS) Aren't they GORGEOUS!!

Before I start, there will be 2 polish that I won't review. Cause I'll make a comparison and one was a plain ordinary black.

Here we go with IT'S SKIN blue glitters.
It's a usual blue with green shade sometimes. Nothing interesting, beside the fact it's very applicable! I repeat... very very applicable! No gooey mess or lumpy disaster! Maybe I'll do comparison aganst Faceshop blue shimmer.

Next, is INNISFREE plum purple

Another satisfying formula! Applicable and the color are gorgeous. It's a bit sheer at first but on the second coat, You'll go like "bloody hell" it sucks my skin color! Reminds me of VampyVarnish color... VAMPIRE COLOR RULES!

And then, there's HOLIKAHOLIKA Tuscany purple

If you know me very well, you'll realize that I hate nude color. I always considered that grey, brown, dusky, khaki, taupe, was not even a color and they're supposed to be banished on the world of pantone... even when i apply this color, I immidietly wipe it out from my nails because i hate it so much until a few minutes... after that I have this weird urgentness to apply the color back! and then a few second later, I wipe it out again and the feeling of wanting to apply it back come back! Is it possible?? the karma of this color hit me in this HOLIKAHOLIKA bottle?!?!

Move on. In the next 6 bottles, I'm gonna discuss TONYMOLY collections. Now I'm holding pink glittery

Usual baby pink glitter. When i first saw this color, it reminds me of those kid polish for girl... very baby pink with all the shimmer. Usual polish although I'm sure my mom's gonna love this one like the "WILD n CRAZY" starlight nail polish she obsessed with. (She used almost 1/3 of the bottle in just a month!!!

TONYMOLY nude pink

Nude pink... the best pink I've ever choose and I don't know why. I tend to buy pink polish but after buying it, there's this guilt feeling like "WHY I CHOOSE THIS KIND OF PINK" but with this color. It's not happening and I'm quite happy with the result.

TONYMOLY party lover gold glitter

On of the party lover series.... I love to call this gold color GOLD DIGGER. Looks good when you make it as top coat after applying INISFREE PLUM PURPLE! Check out my sis fingers (which i make an experiment in hers)

TONY MOLY plum purple

Another plum purple, supposedly the real color wasn't this electric (blame the light for making it look 80's)

TONY MOLY moss green

Then there's this green moss color which was the first thing I order from my friend. I was instantly fall in love with the weird green and I was squeals so bad after meeting the moss!! Oh... at last I have a dark green polish!! YAHOO-HOO

The last from TONYMOLY party lover and most surprising is this silvery glitter polish!

I'm speechless when I appky this color for the 1st time. It was beyond my expectation and I love it!!! so bad!!!! It reminds me of the milenium time... when we all love grey!!! OH GOD!!! this silver is beyond amazing!!! I JUST LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! There I said it three times!

Then we jump to the last brand, BAVIPHAT black glitter.
Very sheer color, Need 3 coats to make it looks like this. Not impressed that much. Kind of gooey and has multi size glitters. I can't say much and this kind of dissapointing since I was hoping the black would be like black hole opacity!

Best nail polish i had from KOREA! is this RED GLITTER polish
I was surprised when I see the silvery TONYMOLY but i jumped out of my chair when I apply this red (I'd rather call this BLOODY MARY somehow) First i was skeptical that this red is going to be another red. But when I apply this in my nails I was like!! God!!! This looks like blood in my nail. Will EDWARD CULLEN suck this?!
The jellish side of this color is amazing! It's like fresh blood sprinkled with disco ball!
Everytime i see this color, my brain start to say: TWILIGHT, TRUE BLOOD, VAMPIRE DIARIES, and all the vampire movies I've watched! The best experience I've ever had on applying polish.

So, overall... I'll give two thumbs on korean nail polish product! In fact, Because it satisfy me a lot, I'm gonna give you guys some point why you have to buy KOREAN polishes.

1. extremely applicable!!! (although most of the color are sheer jelly, so basically it needs 2-3 coats for perfect finishing), but a little note that another korean product that's sold in Indonesia (FACESHOP, SKINFOOD, ETUDE) doesn't have this "extremly applicable" advantage! I don't understand why and it makes me wonder. Are the korean selling 2nd grade product to us?!

2. The smell is accaptable (but again, doesn't apply to Korean product that is sold in Indonesia)

3. Crazy cutes bottle and various pastel color (it's difficult to find dark polish in Korean accroding to my friend, but you won't find any difficulties for finding pastel color)

4. OVERLY CHEAP price. You could buy polish just for 2 USD or 20.000 IDR! amazing, right?!

5. (Still a rumour and I'm not that sure) They're claiming to use natural ingredient... at least, it less poisoning that the 3 toxicated polish, right?!

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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