Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rugos! Gone But Not Forgotten!

Dear Polishers,

I was cleaning up my stuff back in school when I found some leftovers Nail Rugos stickers.

For you who don't know what's a nail rugos sticker is... they basically are the same like nail sticker but (in my case) more thinner than the newer version. They're very fragile and easily broken. To use it, you have to scratch it on the surface you want it to stick. It was popular back then when I was in general school and we use to wear it in our nails.

So... I'm a bit excited to find one that has tiny flower picture in it and put it on my polished nails right away.

Isn't this adorable....

I called this manicure Spring Garden and used VOV Ice Cream Mint Turqoise

I just wish I could still found them nowadays... *so much for memories!*

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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