Tuesday, October 12, 2010

China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway Madness

Dear Polishers,

I haven't tell you but there's time when I and Dika are in madness on finding the perfect navy/royal blue or whatever you call them. Sometimes it's just to dark, or to light, to yellow or to grey, it's just... you never find the perfect blue you want. Until one day I read about China Glaze Bermuda Breakaway... a getaway for the unending madness.

So... I order one from the e-tailer after reading that she gave special price for ordering China Glaze polish. Then after made the deal, I feel satisfy and sit back, relax, dreaming when the polished arrive and landed on my nails........ until a few minutes later I realize I don't have the budget for it. I've just bought lots of polish and since I'm unemployed, I can't afford on buying nail polish that I don't need! I start to freak out and wish that I can still cancel it. Who am I kidding... of course I can't cancel it. So I end up leaving in a disappointment of buying something I don't need.

I tried to seek redemption by looking at the net... searching for a comfort about this color and lots of the blogger told that this is a great blue. I'm consoled for a while.

Till the day it comes....

I love the blue. It's great! It changes according to light.

So you'll get the perfect blue under the perfect light, ...

Or, you'll get darker blue on ordinary day....

I love it, I really do, it's just... I'll remember the blue as the blue that I don't need. Even many manicure I tried couldn't help the feeling.... T.T

Boy. I wish I would never do that again. Buy something because of "so-called-promo" temptation. I've learned my lesson in a hard way. Hopefully, I'll learn to love the blue like I used to.

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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