Monday, April 26, 2010


Dear Polishers,

Guilty as can be....

Psssttt... just bought three new nail polish with neon color... I don't know why... but i need some solid color rite now.

Obviously... I love things that stay glow whether it's dark... or not!

So... i used to hate this "THE FACE SHOP" nail polish, since it's very sticky and dry easily on bottle (you'll get piece of chunk if you leave em too long) but, since I'm in the mood to shop... I bought it!!


You guys gotta love the colors!! It really glows even it's not dark place... I wonder what will the color do under the blue light (KESHA'S MOMENT!!)

So... here's some application that I put... Yellow and Pink!

First of all, the yellow... i made it in my sister's baby hand. (She really has this weird hand with babies fingers. I mean the size of it is not normal. Very tiny and chubby. Check out her little finger... or should I said pinky finger?! It just... BABY SIZE!!!

And... back to business.

This is not much of a problem. I'm gladly do it for her even it cost my remover. But it's worth it... (the yellow... actually not as good as the picture. But I could leave with that)


And after my mom's comeback from Jerusalem and few hours of HIP HOP class, I made my mind to change my nail color into THIS!!!

OH GOD! (Or should I say OH GA!!)

I love the pink. Maybe it's even better with blitz. But my blackberry batery is drop out. So, i captured it without blitz.

Love that the hearts shape work and the bunny skull. But MIDDLE finger is almost kill me since I never get the heart position right and keep layered the pink and it took 2 hours of cleaning, removing, and applying until I get satisfied with the result.

The review is... FACE SHOP is ok. Too bad they have FORMALHYDE (Well most of nail polish that is sold in INDONESIA has it) but the great thing is they come out with gorgeous color, 18ml, and only cost Rp. 35.000,- or around 3.5 dolar.

so... for all you INDONESIAN people... you can buy it if you love color. But if you have more money. Stick with OPI, guys! LOL

Until then, Happy Polishing!


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