Saturday, October 29, 2011

SeoNyeoShiDae Taeyoen, My version of Queens of NailArt

Dear Polishers,

So... I was a bit obsessed with Korean Pop lately and after my last visit to soompi forum, I just found out that the SNSD girls really like having their nails done. Since they have such a great nailart, so. I'm checking about some information about where they done their nails and I found this "BUB Nail Saloon" which has awesome works!

After checking the owner's blog about her posting of SNSD nails, I'm quite impressed with the fact that Taeyeon, the SNSD Leader really got this style that I adore so much!

Really love to show you her nailarts which were done by BUB.

*The last 2 picture, right above this writing, I've done both of them. The pink purple reminds me of my Bieber-Perry Manicure and the ghastly red on was done for HALLOWEEN 2011! :)

And beside these works by BUB, my other favorite's are Seohyun's (left) and Yuri's (right) style

* I love how the little skeletors are rolling in Yuri's black nail polish...
** All of these pictures are taken from BUB's blog!

So what do you think? If you're in Korea, would you visit BUB saloon to get your nails' done like the Girls Generation girls?

Until then, Happy Polishing!



  1. Ah! finally someone notices the amount of awesome manicures in KPOP!!! <333 I love all these and I wanna get the items necessary to try them out (and colors) thanks for posting this compilation of photos! It's impossible for me to find them!!!

  2. i love those nail arts! and to let u know i tag you an award

  3. hi i got you another award :D check

  4. Luv these! My favorito are the pink and purple.

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  6. Ive also been in Kpop these months! Their nails always look amazing. They either have a huge pop of color or the fanciest and chic designs!
    I would love it if we could follow each other!

  7. Whaaa sesama penggemar kpop and nail art! How awesome is that?! Anyway, i'm new to nail blogging and I luv these designs! Sukaaa ��

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