Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nicole by OPI, Justin Bieber "I Got Bieber Fever" swatch

Dear Polishers,

Sorry I've not been updating my blog.... I'm working now and I really don't have much time on writing on blog, not to mention I haven't take care my ONLINE shop... so... Since I have the chance to put some words, I grab it right away.

I know it's lame, but this time I got the chance to talk about our latest teenage obsession... THE BIEBELICIOUS!! Apparently, he's working with NICOLE and making nail polish for his girl teen fans! There are twelve colors for his collection with random tone (blue, purple, red, green, silver, and gold)

I was choosing colors since Bieber Collection has 12 colors for their polish and no one seems to give a complete color for their collection and the NICOLE picture doesn't really match the real colors. Since I can only buy 1, I'm struggling on buying between "I've got Bieber Fever" and "One Less Lonely Glitter". I was looking for a good swatches. I already know that One Less is a star, but I'm pretty curious about Bieber Fever and when I see other fellow blogger wearing Bieber Fever, I decided to leave One Less and move on to Bieber Fever.

Everything was fixed when suddenly I was walking at the mall and find a full BIEBER COLLECTION displayed!! T.T I want to cry so bad because Bieber Fever look ordinary and almost ugly in that bottle while One Less looks very tempting to buy!! So, I got home and ended up with a disapointment feeling...

After a month of waiting in despair. Atlast... My Bieber came!!!!! Though I'm a bit worried with my choice of Bieber. When I wrapped it up, I found him there. I was even sighing when I open the bottle, but when I apply it to my nails... it was like breath taking moment!!! Gosh, did you see it?

Amazing!! I can't even put only one picture for this polish!

I love how my light makes the color looks complicated and the color is as I expected!!

Very cute but still edgy at the same time.

On basist day light, you'll find a dark edgy eggplant purple but with Flaslight and bright light.... You'll find a jelly shimmery purple with pink sparks underneath!!!

SO CUTE!!! (Cry of JOY on this color) I love it and I take it back everything I said. (I promise won't judge a polish by it's bottle!)

Love the amethyst effect!!

This polish really defeat my favorite purple Funkey Dunkey from Shrek Collection by OPI.

But, there are some disappointment in this NICOLE polish. I find the formula finishing is basically CRAP. Bieber fever is a jelly polish, so shouldn't it have that glossy finishing? But what do I get?! a weird matte finishing which I find very weird and the brush.... EASY STROKE MY *SS!! Not only the brush was short, it also doesn't get a proper trim. Very scruffy and I'm not a fan of their brush!!

So overall, I'm not disappointed with the collection color. I just hate their finishing and especially their stupid short brush! Who's with me?!

Until then, Happy Polishing!

I was folding my paper and press it with my thumb nails when suddenly the paper got stained "pencil color like" with my nail!!!!!! shocking!!!!! I'm so not gonna buy NICOLE in recent time!!


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